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Ana Catarina Fragoso  |  January 2019


Ana Catarina Fragoso is a painter. She was born in Lisbon (1984), where she lives and works. She completed her studies in painting (2008) and architecture (2012). As a painter, she is mainly interested in the relationship between painting and space — the places where it is shown or the places that it might represent and presentify. From her artistic practice, stand out the exhibitions: A montanha que também era deferro (Nano galeria, Lisbon, 2019); Super Amoled (Colégio das Artes, Coimbra, 2018); Revolução (Colégio das Artes, Coimbra, 2017); Casa- Pátio (Espaço das Mercês, Lisbon, 2016); Apreço (Zaratan, Lisbon, 2015); Fazer Falso (Espaço AZ, Lisbon, 2015); and the artistic residency at the Pico do Refúgio (Ribeira Grande, Island of São Miguel, Azores, 2019). She has collaborated with the studios of the artists Miguel Palma (Lisbon, 2012-2016) and Adriana Molder (Berlin, 2008). She was a teacher of Visual Education and History of Culture and Art, and collaborated with Escola Artística de Dança do Conservatório Nacional (2015-2018).


The project she developed during the period of her residency at the Pico do Refúgio (January 2019) was based on the volcanic landscape of the Azores, and specifically on the notions of surface, visual detail and on natural pigments we associate with volcanic activity. According to the author, “to translate the heartening feeling I had while wandering on the island: the presence of an invisible and mysterious inner life, of which we can only see vague vestiges. The taste of an ending — implicit in the more violent volcanic eruptions — and the simultaneous promise of life. A thin sleeping layer, an idea I have been trying to express through painting.”

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