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For now, our program is on an invitation basis only. Open Calls should start sometime around Summer 2020, when new facilities will be available at Pico do Refugio, with higher accommodation capacity and improved studios for artists.

Currently, residents participate through one of the following ways:

- Standard Residency: During one month, Pico do Refugio offers travel expenses, accommodation, vehicle and part of production costs, depending on the project. Usually dedicated to visual artists. It is expected that the artist contributes with an art work for Pico do Refugio's collection and participates in, at least, one public event, to share his project and experience with the local community.

- Residencies in Partnership: Usually for shorter periods, these residencies are organised in collaboration with partner institutions, for specific projects. The costs are shared between the partners involved. Dedicated to various disciplines, from visual to performing arts, there are no specific obligations for these residencies.

- Workshops: Organised together with partner institutions or invited tutors, these workshops are usually for photographers (but not limited to), and are available in different prices, durations, and accommodation choices.


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