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Francisco Janes  |  March 2020


Portugal, 1981

Artist and Researcher
Photography, Video and Film. Installation and Sound works. Multiple modes of presentation. Exhibitions in non-institutional spaces, Museums, Galleries. Site-specific works and Audio publications. Lived and worked in Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles and Vilnius.
Collaborates with sound artists and filmmakers in different projects, in Europe, Asia and the US.
Sound design, Cinematographer, Editor. Professional Retouching, Color Grading.



Continuation of a film and sound investigation on the island of S. Miguel.


During the residency, sound and visual records are produced daily: documents of intensities and dynamics that sustain places, the gaps between them, and an atmosphere of remnants of isolation and its potentials, reflections of an expressiveness singular to the territory.

During the production period, a form of complicity is worked with the contingency of these materials, the real records, but also the virtual ones - memories, connections. Among them is an archipelago of sight-images, visions and experiences, one after another, that accumulate and coexist. We walk along the edge of an inner closure within which different possibilities are shaken 'according to their own agreement'. Tiny existences call to attention and overlap themselves, and with them a general vibration - the possibility that nothing will happen.

In the editing of the films, the visible fragments and the sound reconstitute an inextricable experience of the island. This is a reflection motivated by the experience of the Azores, an open series of short films that connect random everyday happenings. They react to cycles and circuits of affections, movements through a kind of geography of encounters, which sometimes lurks in vertiginous tracks, sometimes it visits landscapes sustained in time. Listening, you can hear the tremor and hear the rhythms, but also the hot and fast thrill of the wind through a car window.

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