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Gustavo Ciriaco |  February 2016


Gustavo Ciríaco is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro. He started a career in the field of Political Sciences before veering off to dance and contextual projects. He has worked in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and more recently in Asia and the Middle East. As an artist, I have worked transversally between performing and visual arts, carving a path through other knowledges, other fields, other voices. I often use people, other ways to manipulate our daily lives, gathering potentials, tools and insights that tell me how to deal with time and space. I have used movement, text, video, photos, structures of display and presentation, in works-conversations where the encounter is king. There are many small things, many colored sensations, feelings that make us drift around and move, things that rearrange our eyes and memories, and our own presence, even in our biographies. I enjoy the materiality of things, the flavor of situations, of their derivational poetry. I like that each work brings forth something, a new possibility for the world. 


“Gentileza de um gigante” is a creation by Gustavo Ciro. The show consists of a choreographed duet that uses a table as an empty plane on which he stages ephemeral landscapes. Worlds are built and deconstructed, and bodies are the continuation of the landscape before an audience. The show presents a succession of panoramas, focusing on the constant and paradoxical confrontation between a world made to the measure of man and a world that runs beyond itself and its orchestrating powers, where the landscape touches the unspeakable, the ineffable, the sublime. This project is a co-production between the Walk & Talk festival, the ZDB and the festival Temps d’Images, in partnership with Pico do Refúgio - Country Houses and hosted by Arquipélago - Center for Contemporary Arts.

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